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Pitch Perfect Presentations Silent Seminar at Mipim UK

Quality experience guaranteed

Aztec’s Silent Seminar system improves the audience experience in terms of clarity and accessibility. Now organisers can enjoy increased capacity, flexibility and most importantly reliably deliver quality of sound to their delegates. It eliminates the need for soundproof structures that are costly for the event organiser.

Surpassing the traditional PA

Using the Silent Seminar System, event organisers can now position their seminar theatres with complete freedom. By eliminating all loudspeakers, seminar theatres can hold bigger audiences. The signal radiators can be sited wherever needed so they can also accommodate odd-shaped theatres.

Every audience member has a personal volume control, and can hear the presentation in crystal clear audio wherever they are sitting, whilst the headset helps to screen out peripheral sounds. Audience members with hearing aids can be provided with an induction loop (instead of a headset) that will transmit the audio presentation directly to their hearing device.


A sophisticated system, simply delivered

Aztec’s Silent Seminar System delivers a speaker’s voice or an audio presentation via headsets plugged into individual pocket receivers.

The audio signal is taken from the main PA and instead of being routed to amplifiers and speakers, it is sent to a number of ‘radiators’. These ‘radiators’ then use high frequency infra-red light waves to broadcast the signal to the pocket receivers.

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