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European Base

Our audiovisual, technical and production services are increasingly being specified for corporate events and exhibitions outside the UK. Alongside the 700+ corporate events we support annually in the UK we are undertaking more and more events throughout the EU, due in part to our operation in Barcelona, Spain.


Our fully-stocked warehouse allows us to supply industry-leading audiovisual, technical and creative equipment to events across Spain and mainland western Europe. Whether you’re 100 or 1000 miles from our warehouse, we can take care of all the logistics to deliver your event successfully, wherever it may be.

Venue knowledge

We go to extreme lengths to get under the skin of your event venue to understand how it functions. We conduct pre-show visits to help our professionals recommend the best sound, stage and visual setups to guarantee maximum impact. We also ensure we have a technical support crew on-site that speaks the native language of your event, resulting in no crossed wires, both metaphorically and literally.

Local Neighbourhood

Our native-speaking team alongside our technical and creative experts and knowledge of the local area, enables us to ensure your delegates are well sign-posted and looked after. This maintains smooth and efficient communications between all technical and creative teams, making sure every facet of your event conveys the perfect impression of your brand.

Order Online

If you are interested in optimising your event with Aztec EU, you can order online here.

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