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Aztec Event Services has invested in two broadcast quality Sony HXR-NX5 HD solid state video cameras, enabling the company to achieve a fully digital video workflow improving the quality of video footage and making the rough cutting, editing, titling and compositing work faster and more efficient.

As its name suggests this type of camera does not use tape, but records HD footage (broadcast quality) to solid state memory cards. With two memory card slots, the camera automatically switches from one to the other when the first is full, enabling the camera to record indefinitely, continuously, and without interruption, crucial for events that extend beyond the length of a DV tape.

With a full range of codecs and formats available on board, the camera can record footage that is immediately viewable on any computer or smart TV. This avoids the time consuming process of having to transcode footage captured on DV tape into a digital file format, and the camera can also capture footage at a variety of resolutions and frame rates to suit the circumstances.

The image capture quality is, for a camera of its class, recognised by video professionals to be excellent, thanks to a 3 chip sensor and Carl Zeiss optics. The built in GPS receiver allows footage to be tagged with the latitude and longitude where it was captured (a.k.a ‘geotagging’).

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