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Exhibition overview

Date: 6th-8th June 2016

Venue: Olympia, London

Infosecurity Europe is Europe’s number one information security event with over 360 exhibitors showcasing the most diverse range of products and services to 18,000 infosecurity professionals..


Technical Solution

The entire set and stage was supplied from stock and installed and supported by Aztec’s in-house technical team.

Two Christie M Series 14k HD projectors displayed content on the screens, and audio via a line array system plus, of course, a range of switching and mixing hardware. A full stage wash provided colour to the set. Aztec also provided full power distribution to the theatre and all the LED room lighting.

The room was managed by a project manager, sound technician, data tech and video tech.

Live Streaming

To accommodate the overflow of visitors who wanted to attend the keynote theatre sessions, Aztec provided an area where presentations could be transmitted via their Video Streaming System. This was transmitted via the venue network as opposed to running cables all over the hall.

Audio was then monitored by Aztec’s technicians to ensure that the visitors experienced a level of sound clarity as if they were inside the actual theatre.

Silent Seminar

Using Aztec’s Silent Seminar system eliminates the common problem of noise pollution.

This was particularly effective at Infosecurity where so many sessions were running simultaneously with open theatres adjacent to one another.

Obviously this enhanced the visitor experience but it also gave the organiser a cost efficient alternative to building sound proofed theatres on the show floor. This was a “win win” for the organiser.

Digital Signage

Aztec’s Digital Signage system provided information to visitors throughout the show. Screens were dotted around the floor showing theatre programme information, sponsors adverts, calls to action and a twitter feed. The theatre programme was connected directly to the Infosecurity web site so that any last minute changes to the programme on the web site were immediately reflected on the screens at the show.

The organiser sold a number of ad slots to exhibitors and ads were produced by Aztec for those sponsors.

The central bar area was sponsored by Palo Alto Networks. Aztec’s digital signage software was programmed so that tweets appeared as follows – one third for Palo Alto, one third for the organisers and one third for all other exhibitors. Both blacklists and whitelists were operated simultaneously. As a result the networking bar with the large LED screen proved a big hit with everyone!

In addition to dealing with the theatres, the organiser’s 20 Smartspace stands and 40+ exhibitor stands, digital signage, silent seminars and streaming across the venue network, Aztec also contracted to provide large video walls for three of the main exhibitors at the show. This involved working closely with each exhibitor’s agency/stand builder in the run up to the show to ensure that the build and equipment were optimised for the space.

Furthermore, Olympia had two other events happening at the same time, which made the pre-show planning and coordination all the more important on the run up to the show.


The main challenge at Infosecuirty was the sheer scale of the event.

Aztec were asked to manage multiple areas around the venue as well as applying lots of different technologies and skills.

By working closely with the show organiser every area was discussed and planned meticulously so that the best option for each theatre, seminar and feature area were met and aligned with the show’s overall objectives.

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